What Others Are Saying About Lessons At Puetz:

"I've been going to Puetz for about 10 years. It's a great crew of folks who really strive to help you find what you need and what is right for you. A big shout-out for PATRICK ACKERMAN, teaching pro. As someone so wisely told me years ago, spend as much on lessons as you do on clubs and accessories ... the lessons will help you more than any new club! Both my wife, brother and sister-in-law and I have taken lessons from Patrick and he is really a solid instructor, never focusing on what's wrong, but tirelessly working to help you find what's right. He certainly has made me a better golfer and he works so well with people of all ages. I like the fact that he makes you the center of attention the entire time you're with him and constantly seeks ways to help you improve, including prescribing what to practice when you go to the range. I live 25 miles away, but will make the drive because I know that I will always get his very best attention and guidance. Puetz is not a 'country club' type of place; rather a well established place to buy the best and learn from the best. Good experience all the way around. Thanks folks!"

– Robert B


“I am a 13 handicap and just started taking Trackman lessons with Patrick. I am already noticing a difference in how I approach the game and what I think about at address and during the shot. I have seen a significant improvement with only one lesson and can't wait to see where my game will be at the end of my 5 lesson pack. Highly recommended if you want to improve your game and are open to critical feedback and acting on the suggestions made!”

– Sean M


“HIGHLY recommended. Not only do you receive top notch instruction from Casey and Patrick, you get immediate video and full data feedback on all aspects of your swing. Don't miss out.”

– Brian K

“Shaved 4 strokes off thanks to Patrick's help!”

– Christopher


“It's a little early to review since it's only after the first lesson, but I can tell you this while there I learned a ton...I tried not to get wrapped up in the numbers and rather just paid attention to what I was doing physically and making the minor instructed corrections. I left there able to hit a nice natural draw.”

– James O


“I purchased a series of Trackman lessons. The lessons help me visualize where my swing needs tweaking improvement. They are great lessons for visual learners”

– John


“You didn't try to rebuild my swing from scratch, which wouldn't have completely surprised me, you tweaked what needed to be tweaked. Using the Trackman analysis system, you worked with what I had (and my age) and helped me work to resolve my biggest single complaint... hitting my irons straight. You also worked with me, with the help of Trackman, to select my new driver, sand wedge, and are now working with me on those. Thank you!!!”

– Phil T


“I took my nephews to Puetz for lessons. The instructor was great and we learned a ton and had a really good time. 5 stars, would definitely recommend.”

– Christopher H


“I've taken two lessons at Interbay. The instructor there spent more time hitting balls and pointing to a book than coaching. Patrick is the opposite. Hop on the TrackMan, start hitting balls, and the coaching begins. In a half an hour I learned more about a productive golf swing than I had previously known. Patrick explains things simply and uses great visuals to demonstrate what he means (video and TrackMan). Id give 6 stars if I could.”

– Thomas G


“What a great experience, knowledgeable instructor, didn't take long to fix several issues. good communicator.”

– Darrell R

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