Redeeming May Bucks

The May Puetz Bucks can be redeemed in-store or online!


The May Puetz Bucks Certificates MUST be redeemed between:

Monday May 20th thru Friday May 31st


How it works:

Simply visit any of our store locations an present the earned May Bucks to sales associate at checkout or at online checkout add the May Bucks # on back of May Bucks to redeem.

It’s required all Returns be accompanied with proof of purchase.  In the case of returns with purchases were May Bucks were earned, The May Bucks must be returned to get full refund.  On partial returns the transaction will be adjusted accordingly based on the totals sale vs. product returned.  In the case May Bucks are not returned with merchandise returns, customer will be deducted applicable amount from the refund.

If you have any questions regarding earning or redeeming May Puetz Bucks, please feel free to Contact Us

NOTE: The May Puetz Bucks program is valid for domestic orders only.

Puetz Golf reserves the right to rescind or alter the May Puetz Bucks Program at any time. 

How to redeem May Puetz Bucks online


Redeem May Bucks

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