Golf Club Trade-in Program

Turn your used clubs into new equipment!

Be confident with trading in your clubs. Puetz Golf is part of the PGA Trade-In Network, a national network of PGA Professional-staffed facilities that recognize and use the Value Guide. The guide offers a fair trade-in value for used golf clubs towards a new golf club purchase.

Follow the simple steps below and visit your local Puetz Golf Superstore to switch out your old golf clubs for a in-store credit you can put toward a new purchase.

Step 1 - Find your club(s) trade-in value:

Find the trade in value of your clubs by visiting the PGA Value Guide. In 99% of cases the MID to LOW value will be the trade-in value associated with your trade.


Step 2 - Check the appropriate PGA Trade-In Network Condition Grading Assistants to be sure the condition of your used golf club qualifies for trade.

Puetz Golf only accepts: Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids, Irons, Wedges and Putters as trade.

Only those clubs listed in the PGA Value Guide are available for Trade in.

Irons must be complete sets (3-PW) or (4-SW). No broken sets will be accepted.

Individual irons (1, 2, LW, etc.) accepted with matching sets only.

  • The Company, in its sole but reasonable authority, will determine if a golf club trade-in meets the Minimum Trade-In Requirements.

  • All golf club trade-ins must be the property of the customer executing the trade-in transaction.

  • All golf club trade-ins must be authentic and non-counterfeit. Counterfeit golf clubs may be identified by rubber-smelling grips, subtle differences in cosmetic branding on the head, shaft and grip, and different swing weight verses authentic OEM clubs.

  • Driver, fairway and hybrid wood club heads may not have dents, dings, paint chipping, pop-up marks, deep scratches or damaged or missing branding.

  • Iron, wedge and putter club heads may not have gouges, rust, paint or chrome chipping, excessive sole or groove wear, or damaged or missing branding.

  • All golf shafts may not have dents, dings, bends, rust, excessive wear, broken, loose or separates ferrules or damaged or missing branding.

  • 8 consecutive sticks is 100%

  • 7 consecutive sticks is 87.5% (7/8ths)

  • 6 consecutive sticks is 75%

  • 5 consecutive sticks is 62.5%

  • 4 consecutive sticks or less is no value

  • All irons in the set must have matching heads, shafts, and shaft flexes.

  • All golf club grips must be installed and functional.

  • Length must be within +/- 3" of the manufacturer's standard golf club length.

  • Lie angle must be within +/- 3* of the manufacturer's standard golf club lie angle.

  • All single irons (9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1) that are not part of a matching iron set do not qualify for trade-in.

  • All set wedges (wedge models that are only manufactured and sold as part of an iron set) are listed and acceptable within the irons category.

  • Golf club specifications that were never made available by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) do not qualify for trade-in. Golf club specification is defined as the unique combination of shaft brand, shaft type, shaft flex, shaft length, lie and loft of a specific brand, model and type (drivers, fairways, hybrids, iron sets, wedges and putters) of golf club(s).

  • Golf club head covers, tool kits, torque wrenches, or other related accessories should be included whenever possible (though are not mandatory).

Step 3 - Bring your used golf clubs to a Puetz Golf Superstore near you where you can trade in and trade up for the newest golf club equipment

Puetz Golf Superstores have a Sales Professional on staff and are Authorized PGA Trade-In Network facilities. Take confidence in knowing you'll receive expert golf advice, excellent customer service and a fair market value for your trade-ins based on the Value Guide*.

*Trade-in credit will be issued at the time of sale of an in-store purchase. Trade-in credit using the Trade-In Program will be in form of in-store credit and is good for other merchandise.

**If a club is deemed unfit for resale, we reserve the right to refuse it and return it to you, or make you an offer based on the circumstances.

***Purchase amount must be greater than or equal to your trade-in amount. If your trade-in value is more than your purchase value, the difference will be given as a store credit. No cash or credit card refunds.


For trade-ins outside the region please Contact Us.



Some Trade-ins used to proudly support the First Tee.


NOTE: The Golf trade-in program is valid for domestic orders only.

Puetz Golf reserves the right to rescind or alter the Golf trade-in program at any time


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