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Our staff of highly trained PGA Professionals, Teaching Pros, and Certified Club Fitters can help every player to play better golf, regardless of skill level. Having properly fit equipment will allow you to swing more consistently and maximize your on course performance. With so many variables and club combinations, it is important to have a trained fitter simplify the process and allow you to make an educated decision concerning the equipment you play. We offer a few different options to accommodate your fitting needs. Walk-ins are welcomed; however, we offer custom fitting events throughout the year and if preferred a private custom fitting if offered. See below for full details.

Walk-ins available

  • All Day, Every Day at any of our locations!


Private Custom Fitting

Elevate your game at a Puetz Golf Performance Fitting Center in a private custom fitting. Each location features a specialty fitting center, with 1000's of combinations of club heads and shafts from every major brand, available every day for you to try. Inside each fitting center you can experience the same fitting as a PGA Tour pro would. Everyone wants to lower their score out on the course; it all starts at a Puetz Golf Performance Fitting Center in a private custom fitting appointment.


Custom Fitting Events

  • Hit it - Test it - Get fit for it. 
  • Manufacturer Master Club fitters On-Hand to Fit You! 
  • Experience a Personalized ( One-on-One ) Custom Fitting. 
  • Schedule your fitting, No Waiting - Less Hassle. 
  • Special Discounts May Apply




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